Dairy Free Coconut Caramels (GF, Vegan, Top 8 Free)
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 24
The same texture and rich flavor of regular caramels, without the dairy!
  • 1-16 oz. can full fat coconut milk (use all of the liquid, not just the fat on top)
  • ¾ cup corn syrup
  • 1 tsp. coarse sea salt
  • 1¾ cup sugar
  • ¾ cup water
  • 1 tsp. vanilla
  • coconut oil for brushing and cutting
  1. Line the bottom and sides of an 8″x8″ square baking dish with parchment and brush with coconut oil; set aside.
  2. Combine the coconut milk, corn syrup and sea salt in a 4-quart saucepan. Heat over medium low, stirring constantly for 2½-3 minutes until mixture is just warm and any coconut milk clumps are dissolved.Remove from heat and set aside.
  3. In an 8-quart saucepan, combine the sugar and the water and stir until sugar is wet. Place over medium high heat and let cook, without stirring, till the sugar turns a light amber colour. I made these by judgement as I did not have a candy thermometer. This should roughly take 10 minutes. Immediately remove from heat and pour in the coconut milk mixture a little at a time. Be careful, as the mixture will bubble and splash.
  4. Return saucepan to medium low heat, stirring continuously until all the caramel is dissolved. Raise the heat to medium high. If the mixture begins to boil over (which it shouldn't if you're using a deep pan which is best), reduce heat and continue to cook until caramel becomes quite thick. No need to stir (unless you're checking the thickness). This could take a good 15-20 minutes. Be patient! Just make sure the caramel is really thick. It looks like karo syrup to me as far as texture goes. You can test it with some cold water and see that it's at a firm ball stage. If using a thermometer, have it be between 245-250 degrees fahrenheit.
  5. Immediately remove from heat and stir in vanilla. Pour into the prepared pan. Let cool completely and cut into 1″ squares. If they're a bit sticky put them in the fridge to set a little--make sure your glass dish is cooled before you do so. To make it easier to cut them brush your knife with melted coconut oil between cutting to avoid sticking. Wrap individually in wax paper squares. Store at room temperature.
  6. Then, the true test of Christmas comes. Will you share with your neighbors or wolf them all down yourself? I won't tell if you eat them all yourself, afterall --it's only an 8x8 :)
Recipe by Allergy Awesomeness at https://allergyawesomeness.com/dairy-free-coconut-caramels-gf-vegan-top-8-free/